Frahm Farmland’s CEO, Lon Frahm, has a favorite quote:

“We should learn to find opportunities in our difficulties,
rather than difficulties in our opportunities.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

About the Farm

Our Past

Lon Frahms career on the family farm started like many others. Following college, he joined his father on the operation as what he describes as “an overpaid tractor driver with an economics degree.” While Lon dreamed more of becoming a lawyer or businessman, the competitive salary offered to him by his father was too tempting to pass up, bringing him back to his roots as the 6th generation farmer in the family.

However, that “normal start” would come crashing down 5 years later when, in 1986, his father passed away unexpectedly at the age of 52. It was the day before harvest was to start and the pit of the farm crisis. That event defined the future of Lon’s career:

“My goals changed completely that day. They were now to hold the farm together, provide financial security for my mother and siblings, and settle the estate without losing assets in probate. “ – Lon Frahm

Lon was 28 years old when his father passed away and was immediately launched to the helm of a full-scale farming operation. With the support of the farm’s employees and the trust of his siblings and other family members, Lon not only kept the operation afloat, but repeatedly turned potential-disasters into profitable opportunities. Now, nearly 30 years later, Frahm Farmland is one of the most successful farming operations in the Midwest.

Our Present

Our farm consists of nearly 27,000 acres of irrigated corn, dryland corn, dryland wheat, sorghum (milo) and soybeans. Approximately 8,000 of those acres are irrigated with a total of 65 center pivots and 18,000 acres are dryland.

Environmental sustainability takes high priority on our farm. We are committed believers in no-till farming practices, and are actively involved in working with other area farmers to reduce the amount of water utilized in local crop production.