Improving lives. Improving the environment. Improving communities.

Our vision is to be the premier agricultural operation in the region and to consistently strive for progress by improving lives, improving the environment, and improving communities.


Perhaps our greatest priority is improving the lives of our employees and owners. We do this in a number of ways, including welcoming input and opinions on farm decisions from every member of our team, offering opportunities for ownership within the farm, providing regular vacations and bonuses, seeking out professional development opportunities and presenting flexible schedules to allow for the best personal/work balance possible.

The Environment.

Our greatest assets are the land and natural resources that we utilize to successfully grow food crops. Because of that, we are highly attuned to the importance of environmental sustainability and work to achieve the greatest level possible through no-till farming techniques and involvement in the Kansas Water office.


Frahm Farmland is proud to be a part of the Colby, Kansas community, and it recognizes the value of playing its part in helping that community grow and flourish. Through the years, we have been active supporters of a number of organizations and facilities, including the High Plains Public Radio, the Thomas County Historical Society, Groundwater Management District #4 and the Citizens Medical Center.